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A new design for my blog

Yes, you are now looking at the new layout of my blog. Trendy, watercolourish and positive, are the keywords that I had in mind while I was developing it. Since the old Web 2.0 shiny design style is clearly fading away, I have decided to go with something much more 2008. It is not just a matter of trends, the new wave of web design is something I personally like very much. It is very humanic, organic, and emotional. The combination of vintage/textured artwork, and clear, modern, usable SEO-friendly typography is the winner.

The design process was a precious expirience. I have discovered all the advantages of the WordPress, which are nice to know. In contemporary web design, where SEO is more important than everything else, WordPress is the ultimate solution for many content-based web startups in micro niche markets.

This new layout will definitely inspire me to write more. The topics will be focused on web startups and web business. I will post very important stuff regularly so bookmark me or add my RSS feed to your reader.

I have only one thing to decide – how to organize two languages, English and Serbian, into one. Right now, the posts are going one after another, no matter what the language is. If you have some solution, please respond.

And of course, feel free to comment on the new design.


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  1. Great design, but I cannot give any relevant feedback, cause I am not a designer. I have one solution for multi-language support. You can organize web site content in php functions which could be called depending on user’s choice in the combo box on the web page. A bigger problem could be rss feeds, which could be solved with suffixes for all supported languages.

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